Welcome to Strand Clothing!
We are David and Anastasia.
We have great fun designing and printing these T Shirts and we hope you’ll have even more fun wearing them! 😉


All T Shirts we sell are presented in our custom wrapping paper, hand-wrapped “Japanese department store wrapping style” (naname tsutsumi). There’s no price on the swing tag inside.




Our environmental credentials.

– The wrapping paper and swing tags we use are made from 100% recycled uncoated paper.

– All Gildan T Shirts we use are produced following the Gildan’s Environmental Code of Practice (ECP).

Gildan’s ECP Statement:

Our Environmental Code of Practice (ECP) was created in 2003 and has been integrated into all Gildan operations as well as all Gildan third-party manufacturing contractors. The ECP lists the allowable materials to be used in our manufacturing processes – materials that do not contain substances that are harmful to humans or the environment. Our raw material suppliers are required to agree to adhere to the stringent standards of our Code.
The ECP has multiple benefits:

It guarantees our customers that our products are clean and safe for their health
It ensures a safe working environment for our employees
It minimizes our environmental impact

– The printing screens are cleaned by using non-chemical soy based solution, that is not harmful to environment or people using it.